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A Senior Dealing with Dementia Will Likely Have More Challenges when Discharged from the Hospital

John had been diagnosed with dementia more than four years before his hospitalization. He ended up in the hospital following a mishap. He had been home alone during the late winter months and decided to take his dog for a walk. John hadn’t owned a dog more than 10 years. He was confused and when he went outside to look for his pet, he became disoriented and was soon lost.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Manhattan Beach CA: Dementia and Discharge Challenges

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Manhattan Beach CA: Dementia and Discharge Challenges

Fortunately for John he was found not too long after, before hypothermia could set it. Still, he was sent to the hospital for observation and some direct medical attention. It turned out that he suffered frostbite on certain parts of his body. He was treated for that and then would be sent home. His recovery wasn’t going to be too complicated, but because of the dementia, he was going to face some extra challenges.

John needed support.

His doctor recommended to John and his family who were visiting him that he hire home care support. His family didn’t live in the immediate vicinity, but offered to step up and help more. The doctor was skeptical and let them know she understood they likely have numerous other responsibilities to take care of throughout the day and that this could very well be a problem over the long haul.

John had a couple of his toes amputated due to the frostbite and, according to the doctor, he was going to have more challenges with his balance. Due to age and other factors, he was likely going to struggle to maintain his balance and would be losing more strength with each passing year.

The dementia was stealing more mental function, memory, and ability as well. As a result, this recovery was going to be more complicated than it might be for somebody who wasn’t dealing with dementia.

The doctor didn’t want John to return to the hospital anytime soon. “Otherwise, he’s a relatively healthy individual for 78,” she told him and his family. This made John happy.

However, the doctor went on, “If he doesn’t have proper home care support this recovery could turn south very quickly. Even the slightest slip or loss of balance at the wrong time could lead to serious injuries. If he doesn’t treat his wounds properly it could lead to an infection.”

Because of his dementia, John was actually at an increased risk of a hospital readmission. Even in his diminished mental capacities, John understood the last thing he wanted was to be readmitted to the hospital.

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