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Aging in Place Is Still Possible, Even for Those Diagnosed with Dementia

Alzheimer's Care: Aging in Place

Alzheimer’s Care: Aging in Place

More seniors today prefer to remain at home for the rest of their lives. This is commonly known as ‘aging in place.’ The general notion is that people would rather remain at home, if possible, even if they have serious health issues, physical limitations, and mobility issues, than to go somewhere like a nursing home. When somebody has been diagnosed with dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, their loved ones might be thinking about the future and that may include provisions to get them adequate support or find a place for them where they will be comfortable, safe, and well taken care of.

The right support makes all the difference.

When a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia, they may not feel as though they need physical support at the moment, but they might in the near future. The sooner they begin working with somebody, whether it’s a family member or home care aide, the better it’s going to be as the years progress.

A home care aide is the best option.

Make no mistake about it, family can be a wonderful support system for people of all ages, whether they are dealing with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, recovering from a stroke or heart attack, or dealing with some other situation. However, most family members don’t have prior experience supporting a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

A home care aide who works for an agency may very well have the experience necessary to understand the various stages of this disease, how mental stimulation can be extremely important early on, and why developing a routine as soon as possible can provide comfort in the years ahead.

What is it about a routine that is so important?

What happens if you do the same thing, basically at the same time of the day, for weeks and then months and then years on end? It becomes a habit. A habit becomes something people do without thinking about it.

When somebody has been working on developing a routine throughout their day, such as a routine in the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and evening, and suddenly feels confused and anxious because they don’t recognize their surroundings or the people with them, if they are guided into that routine it can offer a tremendous amount of comfort.

They may not understand why it provides comfort, but it will. This is just one way proper care can truly help seniors remain where they are comfortable, even as they deal with Alzheimer’s.

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