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The Benefits of Learning Technology When Alzheimer’s Has Been Diagnosed

For a while Jacob had been worried about his memory. There have been subtle signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease for quite some time, but he didn’t want to think about those things. It took a while for him to finally get to his doctor for proper diagnosis, and when he heard that word, ‘Alzheimer’s,’ he wasn’t all that surprised.

Alzheimer's Care Arlington TN - The Benefits of Learning Technology When Alzheimer’s Has Been Diagnosed

Alzheimer’s Care Arlington TN – The Benefits of Learning Technology When Alzheimer’s Has Been Diagnosed

He had been learning everything he could about this disease, and one thing kept playing over and over in his mind: there was no cure so what was the point in doing anything that required effort?

His granddaughter had visited him one afternoon and tried to get him involved in a game on her tablet. He didn’t have much interest, but she kept saying something about it being beneficial for those who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Jacob went through the motions with her because he didn’t want to disappoint her, but he wasn’t really paying much attention. After a while, though, he felt intrigued. He was actually starting to learn something new.

Jacob had never been interested in technology.

Even when personal computers were starting to become commonplace throughout many households, Jacob preferred to do things the old-fashioned way. He didn’t know the first thing about how to boot up a computer, how to navigate the Internet, or what a browser was.

By working with his granddaughter on her tablet, he started to understand how various things worked, with regard to technology.

Jacob didn’t realize it, but this was beneficial for mental stimulation.

Jacob had been under the impression that since there was no cure for Alzheimer’s there really wasn’t anything he could do to make a difference. He had to resign himself to his fate, but what he didn’t realize was that mental stimulation early on in the progression of this disease could actually delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss for days, weeks, months, or even years.

While there isn’t any cure for Alzheimer’s, that doesn’t mean people diagnosed with this or some other form of dementia are powerless against it. Science and research has made great strides in understanding the disease, how it affects the brain, and what can be done to at least temper some of the symptoms or slow them down.

By learning about technology, how to use a computer for the first time, or even how to connect with others through video teleconferencing can stimulate the mind and that can slow down the progression of memory loss, at least to some degree (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation).

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