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Boosting Quality of Life for Someone with Alzheimer’s Starts with the Right Care

Ted was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three months ago. It didn’t come as a total surprise to him or his wife, Jill, but it was still devastating. They had both recognized something wasn’t quite right for the past year. Ted was forgetting appointments, having difficulty focusing at work, and since they owned a business together, that was directly impacting their bottom line.

Alzheimer's Care Germantown TN - Boosting Quality of Life for Someone with Alzheimer’s Starts with the Right Care

Alzheimer’s Care Germantown TN – Boosting Quality of Life for Someone with Alzheimer’s Starts with the Right Care

January is International Quality of Life Month and when a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it may feel as though this consideration (quality of life) is no longer as important as it once was (compared to safety and security). After all, the disease will progress through various stages, ultimately leading to extreme memory loss, behavioral changes, and a great deal of fear and anxiety for that senior.

How can quality of life be improved?

Experienced home care aides and other providers understand the value in staying actively engaged in life, not just for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but seniors facing any number of physical, mental, or medical challenges.

A person who sits around, is not engaged in activity, and who simply waits for each day to come to an end is someone who’s quality of life is likely in decline. When quality of life diminishes, the risk of depressive symptoms can increase. This can cause those seniors to withdraw from friends and family, spend more time in isolation, and that perpetuates the cycle downward.

In order to improve quality of life, that elderly person dealing with Alzheimer’s needs to be drawn out and encouraged to stay as actively engaged in life as possible. Ted used to love playing golf on the weekends with friends. Since the diagnosis, though, he hadn’t returned any of their phone calls.

At first, his wife and adult children had no problem with that. After all, they could imagine him wandering off and getting lost if nobody was there to pay attention to him all the time.

With a home care aide supporting him, Ted could still do some of these activities while he was physically capable and had lucid and cogent moments. All he needed every once in a while was a reminder about something he talked about or where he was going.

Other activities Ted began to enjoy when they hired a home care aide to help him was pursuing music. He never thought he would learn to play the piano, but he started taking lessons every other week. It turned out that this activity may have helped delay more significant aspects of memory loss for a while, according to research (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation). That is what may improve quality of life for some.

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