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Is There a Way to Gauge the Care and Support a Senior with Alzheimer’s Receives, Especially When Memory Loss Is Significant?

Alzheimer's Care in Galion OH: Gauging Care and Support

A senior has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will be going through many challenges. As the disease progresses, the signs and symptoms will become much more significant. There will come a time when that senior has difficulty keeping track of not just what’s been going on throughout the day, but who their family and friends are,…

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Smartphone Apps Could Boost Safety for Some Seniors at Home

Senior Home Safety in Crestline OH: Smartphone Apps

There are so many technological innovations coming out every single year that it’s difficult to keep up with even half of them. Apps, for smartphones and tablets, are a dime a dozen. Many apps are free, with ads and other features. Some of these apps that are now being developed are focused on helping to…

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Three Ways to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in Galion OH: Ways to Reduce Caregiver Stress

If you have ever experienced stress, you probably understand how overwhelming it can feel. There are numerous things people can do to not just alleviate stress, but to get healthy. When you are a caregiver looking after an aging or disabled friend or family member, you might believe there’s no real option, that stress is…

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How to Learn More About Alzheimer’s to Improve Your Level of Care

Alzheimer's Care in Shelby OH: Learning More to Improve Care

Just about the only way to improve care for somebody with Alzheimer’s is to know more about the disease, how it progresses, what to expect, and the best strategies to employ, especially early on. The vast majority of people taking care of somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are family members. It could be a spouse, adult…

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Laughing May Have a Positive Impact on Recovery for Seniors and Others

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Bellville OH: Laughing

Doesn’t laughing feel good? Of course it does. Laughter is often considered the ‘best medicine.’ There’s something about laughter that is not just infectious, but also provides us a boost in our emotional state of mind. Studies have shown that laughter can actually inspire the release of certain chemicals in the brain that are associated…

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