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How Aware is Someone with Alzheimer’s of Their Surroundings?

People often have numerous questions when it comes to Alzheimer’s. It’s usually after a family member or a close friend who is diagnosed with this type of dementia when they tried to figure out what the signs and symptoms are, what expectations will be, and what the right course of action is for the moment. Even though Alzheimer’s affects approximately 5 million Americans currently, more and more people are being directly impacted by this disease as the years progress.

Alzheimer's Care in Deerfield IL: Awareness of Surroundings

Alzheimer’s Care in Deerfield IL: Awareness of Surroundings

The more people learn, the more likely they encourage adequate support.

What is adequate support? That can be much different for a wide range of people. For one individual who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia, adequate support could be nothing more than certain reminders about appointments, conversations they recently had, and things they need to do.

For other individuals, the right support could include physical assistance, helping them get out of bed or with personal hygiene, like taking a shower or going to the bathroom. A lot of family members step up to take care of this senior diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, even though they have no prior experience doing this type of work.

They should understand as much as possible about Alzheimer’s.

Before delving too deeply into the caregiving of a senior with Alzheimer’s, any caregiver, spouse, adult child, or other family member or friend, should learn as much as possible about the disease. One thing that commonly gets asked, as this type of disease progresses, is how aware a person will be with regard to their surroundings.

Will a senior with Alzheimer’s recognize their own home? The answer to that is not always the same for each individual. Somebody who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago, for example, may have full recollection every single day, at least for now. Another individual diagnosed four years ago might have extreme difficulty remembering where they are.

A lot of things, factors, go into determining these issues. One is how long the senior has been living in the same place. If an elderly person recently moved before they were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, they may have far more difficulty recognizing their surroundings within a few short years than somebody who had been living in the same house for decades.

The best thing anyone can do is encourage home care support as early as possible, even though the senior may not feel it’s necessary and even though the family may assume things are okay with just minimal reminders.

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