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Acknowledge the Struggles You Have as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Atlanta GA

Caregiver Stress in Atlanta GAHow honest are you with yourself in life? If you have a problem at your house, such as a minor leak in the kitchen sink, are you apt to try and fix it yourself? What if you don’t really have any plumbing experience? What if you spend an hour, two, or even four trying to figure out how to fix the leak and it’s still there, even though it may be vastly reduced?

Will you eventually be honest with yourself that you just don’t have the skills or knowledge to do what’s necessary to fix it? Maybe then you will call a plumber in and accept the bill for what it’s going to cost to have it fixed properly.

Far too often we don’t acknowledge the struggles we face in life.

Everyone deals with struggles. A person who makes $1 million a year is going to have certain struggles. They will be a lot different than what a person making $12,000 a year faces. However, if you don’t face your struggles, you may continue to do the same things over and over, making similar mistakes, and not get anywhere.

If you’re a family caregiver, that might describe you.

Most family caregivers don’t have prior experience with this type of work. Out of the estimated 44 million family members taking care of elderly or disabled loved ones in the United States right now (Forbes), most of them have never had to take care of an elderly or disabled individual in the past.

A lot of them focus on keeping their elderly loved ones safe, rather than helping them maintain a high quality of life. Safety is certainly an important issue, but if the senior is discouraged from taking part in activities, doesn’t get an opportunity to visit with friends, feels isolated and alone at home, that can lead to frustration on their part.

That has a tendency to damage the relationship over the long-term course of it. Those are just some of the common struggles many family caregivers face.

Even though you’re not alone in this journey, it can feel like it at the time. You step back and analyze a situation, recognize and acknowledge the struggles you’re facing. If you’re giving up too much of your own personal time, not eating right, not getting exercise, and not doing what’s necessary to properly take care of yourself and your own health, those are just more struggles to face in the future.

The best thing you can do at this point in time is consider hiring an experienced home care aide to help out. You’ll probably discover the struggles you’re facing begin diminishing dramatically.

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