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Best Strategies to Reduce Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in Pittsburgh PA

If you ever feel the effects of caregiver stress, it’s a sign that your body and mind is trying to tell you to step back, relax, and find a way to improve your own quality of life. You may feel it’s wrong to Caregiver-Stress-in-Pittsburgh-PAeven consider stepping back and away from supporting an elderly family member.

Yet, if you don’t take steps to reduce caregiver stress, it’s going to continue negatively impacting your life, your health, relationships, quality of life, and even your relationship with the elderly individual relying on you. In fact, extreme caregiver stress can actually cause more harm to the senior than all of the good you may be doing.

Here are several strategies that can be extremely beneficial at reducing caregiver stress.

Strategy to Reduce Caregiver Stress #1: Hire a home care aide.

You may have been avoiding the topic of hiring a home care aide because you both bought into various misconceptions about it. Not only is it a highly affordable senior care option, it’s also the best support your loved one can rely on to remain at home and be safe.

A home care aide can be hired for just a couple of hours a day for just one or two days a week, or for full-time, around-the-clock care.

Strategy to Reduce Caregiver Stress #2: Get exercise.

When you convince your loved one to rely on a professional home care aide, this will give you more time in your life to focus on things important to you. That can include getting valuable exercise.

Doctors recommend everyone, including seniors, get at least 15 minutes of solid, cardiovascular exercise every single day. By encouraging your loved one to rely on a home care aide, that can give you plenty of time for exercise.

Strategy to Reduce Caregiver Stress #3: Spend time with friends or other loved ones.

When you start caring for an elderly family member or other loved one, you likely give up spending time with friends, doing certain hobbies or activities you enjoy, or even time with your significant other, including a spouse or partner.

That can cause increased stress in your relationships and make you feel more isolated and cut off from everyone else. It’s important that you spend time with loved ones and friends, whether it’s a phone call, having lunch at a café, or even a special movie night.

When you follow these strategies, it can help you alleviate stress in your life as a family caregiver.

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