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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Articles

Sundowner’s Syndrome Can Catch Some by Surprise

Alzheimer's Care in Mansfield OH: Sundowner's Syndrome

Having an aging parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can feel like a punch in the gut. You might not live all that close to this senior and hadn’t been visiting as often as you would have liked. A career, raising children, and other obligations take a tremendous amount of time and often cause us to push…

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5 Tips to Discuss Alzheimer’s with Family

Alzheimer's Care in Santa Rosa CA: Discussing Alzheimer's with Family

Alzheimer’s is the kind of word people just don’t want to hear. When a family member, such as an older parent, is diagnosed, it may be difficult to accept. It also may be extremely challenging to talk about as a family and support system. Below are five tips that could help just about any family…

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It’s Easy for Some Family to Think a Patient with Alzheimer’s Is Just Being Lazy, but They Do Struggle with Physical Tasks, Too

Alzheimer's Care in Caldwell NJ: Struggling with Physical Tasks

George was 73 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He and his wife, Cheryl, had suspected something was not right for a while because he was struggling with some basic memory tasks, including keeping track of conversations he had, forgetting some appointments, and constantly losing the car keys (more so than normal). At first, things…

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If Someone You Know Is Exhibiting Signs of Memory Loss, Encourage Them to Be Diagnosed, Because That Can Lead to Better Planning and Support in the Years to Come

Alzheimer's Care in Bordentown NJ: Encouraging Official Diagnosis

Is it your aging mother or father? Could it be your spouse? Maybe it’s a friend. Or, perhaps, it’s a brother or sister. Somebody in your life is beginning to exhibit memory related challenges. They were extremely subtle at first, easily missed, but you can’t overlook them anymore. What at first may have seemed to…

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