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Care for Aging Veterans

An Aging Veteran’s Wife Is Dealing with Health Issues: Is There a Pension That Could Help Them Get Adequate Support at Home?

Care for Aging Veterans in Westwood MA: Pensions to Help with Home Care

There are numerous pensions available to veterans from all walks of life that are designed to help them recover from injuries, disabilities, mental health concerns, and more that may or may not have resulted from their time in the service. There are also pensions intended to provide financial support to pay for home care to…

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5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance and How This May Affect an Aging Veteran in Need of Home Care Services

Care for Aging Veterans in Lancaster PA: 5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance

The Aid and Attendance Benefit can be an invaluable resource for veterans and their families, especially when home care is needed. There are a number of things people should understand about the Aid and Attendance pension program, made available through the VA. Below are five important things to understand that can help aging veterans and…

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Aging Veterans Receiving VA Disability Benefits Don’t ‘Automatically’ Receive an Increase to 100% Just for Having Another Birthday

Care for Aging Veterans in Quincy FL: VA Disability Benefits

For veterans who have been receiving some type of VA disability through the years, it will likely be a percentage, like 50%, 60%, or 70%, for example. Some veterans inaccurately assume that once they reach a certain age their benefits will automatically kick up to 100%. That’s simply not the case. These benefits are determined…

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Why Are There Limits or Caps on Aid and Attendance Benefits?

Care for Aging Veterans in West Palm Beach FL: Aid and Attendance Benefit Limits

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a pension made available by the Veterans Administration. It was initially developed after World War I to help soldiers who had been injured and disabled during combat. Through the years, though, it was expanded and now provides financial support to veterans from all walks of life, of any age,…

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