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The Changing Landscape of Technology and How It May Impact Safety for Seniors

Technology continues to advance, almost at a breakneck pace. People who are just getting invested in a smartphone, tablet, and the latest computer technology are often surprised at the next innovations coming down the pipe. For seniors, safety is being directly impacted in many ways by this advanced technology.

Senior Home Safety in Glenview IL: Technology and Safety

Senior Home Safety in Glenview IL: Technology and Safety

There are numerous advantages for seniors to rely on technology to remain safe within the comfort of their home. It’s not just about having the latest home security system or being able to press a button and have emergency services coming to their home, but also about motion sensors, vitals monitoring, and connecting with loved ones.

Below are three ways technology is helping to improve safety for seniors and others at home.

1. Through communication.

Whether an elderly person is relying on home care support, family members, friends, neighbors, or is still taking care of themselves for the most part, modern technology allows them to stay connected much easier than ever before.

In fact, through social media, email, and video teleconferencing, people can check on their aging loved ones, keep tabs on what’s going on with the rest of their family, and gain some important clues or cues that could indicate there are issues that need to be addressed.

2. Through healthcare.

If a senior requires constant monitoring at home because of some health issue, recovery, or other medical issue, a visiting nurse may be necessary to stop by daily, every other day, or at some other interval. Through modern technology, including tablets, the Internet, and other apps or programs, they can enter in vital statistics and valuable information that the senior’s doctor can keep track of.

This can help doctors and other medical professionals stay on top of the changing landscape of their patients, especially as they age.

3. Monitoring systems.

There are a variety of monitoring systems that can help keep seniors safer at home. One may include motion sensors. This type of system would detect when a client gets up out of bed, for example, in the middle of the night, determine how long they’ve been away from their bed, and then alert a monitoring station to make a call to see if they are okay. If the senior gets out of bed to use the bathroom, slips, falls, and can’t return, then this motion sensor system could potentially save lives.

Technology continues to change and innovate, and as it does it helps to improve safety for many seniors at home.

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