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Alternative Senior Care

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Our Mission Statement

“Guided by faith we are called to provide compassionate care and peace of mind to all who desire to live at home”


At Alternative Senior Care, we understand that effective relationships are built on mutual respect, open communication, and recognition of the diverse strengths of others.  We value effective relationships with our team members, our community, our clients and their families.


At Alternative Senior Care we believe in a higher purpose and loving direction in the service we are called to provide for our clients.  The ethical and moral foundation of our company is founded in this faith.


At Alternative Senior Care, we understand that we are entrusted with the care of your most loved family members.  With honesty in our communications, transparency in our procedures and integrity in our actions, we strive to earn that trust daily.


At Alternative Senior Care, we value the personal interests and family lives of our clients and team members.  We are flexible in our scheduling and honor personal requests for service.