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Review: Your Kindness and Caring Are Appreciated


Dear Kevin, John and Jean,
Thank you so much for all your help and caring. When I first contacted you
I was so overwhelmed with what lay ahead and you have made the journey a
little easier. It is nice to know I have someone to turn to for support.
You have been there whenever I needed you, whether it was an emergency or
the effort you put in to find the right companion for Ed. You helped me
over stumbling blocks and made this difficult time manageable. Also thank
you for all the little “niceities” you have done for me. Moving furniture,
offering to mow my lawn, helping me find someone to do odd jobs around our
home or teaching me how to do small repairs, and, of course, listening. You
have gone above and beyond what I expected a company would do for a client.
I appreciate all your kindness and caring.
With Appreciation and Friendship,

– Sharon P.

Home Care Rochester, New York

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