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What is the Approved Senior Network?

ASN is a program that focuses on trust, content, strategy, and commitment to your local community.

ASN is an online educational content portal for seniors and families of aging adults. Senior care providers from all across the U.S. are able to be part of ASN.

ASN is a service of LTC Expert Publications, the leading online marketing company for senior care providers in the U.S. and Canada.

What are the participation requirements?

  • We accept Home Care Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities, Geriatric Care Managers, Durable Medical Equipment Providers, Certified Senior Advisors, Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Advisors (specializing in senior needs), and other senior services are welcome to apply.
  • You must put a badge or link from your website to our ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com site in order to participate. (we will send this information to you if your application is accepted.)
  • You must understand and acknowledge that you are not buying leads. This is a trust, authority, and visibility program for your senior care business. Will it generate leads indirectly? Yes. Can you measure that? Not always. Leads take work. There is no shortcut.

At this time we are only accepting new listings at our most basic level ($24.99 per month). All upper-tier levels are reserved for our SEO and Content/Website clients. 

If you would like to participate by having a basic listing at $24.99 per month, see the details below. (PAYMENT BUTTON IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)

You will receive the following:

  • 1 directory listing for 1 office on ApprovedSeniorNetwork.com (national site) SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.
  • 1 directory listing for one office on a local Approved Senior Network website (determined by your office location)SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.
  • 1 profile page on a local Approved Senior Network website (determined by your location) SEE EXAMPLES BELOW.
  • This is a month to month contract. You may cancel at any time by sending an email to valerie@ltcep.com
  • Once payment is made, you will be redirected to a form that you will need to fill out in order to get started.
  • When your listing is live online, we will send you the links for review.


In order to participate you must be located in one of the following areas:

North East

  • Boston Senior Network
  • Connecticut Senior Network
  • New York Senior Network
  • Philly Senior Network
  • Pittsburgh Senior Network
  • North Jersey Senior Network
  • South Jersey Senior Network
  • New Hampshire Senior Network

South East

  • South Florida Senior Network
  • North Florida Senior Network
  • Charlotte NC Senior Network
  • Raleigh NC Senior Network
  • South Carolina Senior Network
  • Northern Virginia Senior Network


  • Alabama Senior Network
  • Atlanta Senior Network
  • Tennessee Senior Network
  • Houston Senior Network


  • Chicagoland Senior Network
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Network
  • Ohio Senior Network
  • Michigan Senior Network
  • Denver Senior Network


  • Northern California Senior Network
  • Southern California Senior Network
  • Seattle Senior Network
  • Utah Senior Network
  • Phoenix Senior Network
  • Montana Senior Network

Sample of National ASN Site Listings


Sample of Local ASN Site Listings


Sample of a Basic Profile Page on a Local Site


**If you have multiple office, you can choose to list one office, or you can add as many offices as you like before you check out.

Note that each office is $24.99 per month.**