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Getting Creative May Help a Senior Deal with Alzheimer’s Better

Some people are naturally creative. They have an innate ability, it seems, to design beautiful artwork, forge an amazing sculpture out of stone, or bring to life characters with vibrant color in a story. There are many types of creativity, including arts, writing, music, film, and so forth, and some seniors take some of their newfound free time to delve into these components of life.

Alzheimer's Care in Plantation FL: Encouraging Creativity

Alzheimer’s Care in Plantation FL: Encouraging Creativity

When a person has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s it may seem as though there’s no real point to staying mentally active and engaged. After all, there’s no cure for the disease and the average life expectancy upon diagnosis is between 8 and 10 years (Alzheimer’s Association).

Someone who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may feel as though they’ve lost control of their life. They will likely still be able to take part in various activities, but memory loss can become problematic.

They might depend on a spouse, friend, neighbor, or even an adult child to offer reminders and to be patient when they can’t recall conversations they had recently.

That feeling of losing control can be powerful.

It can cause some people to withdraw, regress, and basically give up on various activities or even participating in things that might be beneficial. Some seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia may give up learning a new type of art, not seeing the point any longer.

However, there is a distinct advantage to pursuing creative endeavors, even if that senior has never done these things before.

The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation has found that people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, when they stay mentally active and engaged in life, even after diagnosis, may delay the onset of more significant components of memory loss for a matter of months and possibly even years.

Even though there’s no cure for the disease yet, that doesn’t mean people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are completely helpless. Creativity is a wonderful, fun, and engaging way for people to activate the neural synapses and networks in the brain.

The full impact of mental stimulation is still being tested and determined, but for those who understand there is some hope to at least delay more significant memory loss, it often stands to reason that they would want to be as engaged in life as possible.

Helping them discover their creativity, get involved in classes, and be encouraged is a valuable asset that family and friends can provide. An experienced home care aide will likely do these things naturally because they understand the true importance of quality of life.

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