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Helping an Overweight Senior Can Pose Unique Safety Concerns

Sarah was 52 years old when her father had a minor stroke. He spent several days in the hospital undergoing a number of tests and when he was discharged he was initially sent to a nursing home. After two more weeks, he was finally ready to return home, but he needed support.

Neither Sarah nor her father were too keen on the idea of outside help, even though home care would have been the best option for both of them. Sarah was only working a part-time job and since she lived in the same town as him, she felt this was meant to be, that she was meant to be his caregiver.

Senior Home Safety in Rolling Hills CA: Helping an Overweight Senior

Senior Home Safety in Rolling Hills CA: Helping an Overweight Senior

One of the major issues was her father’s weight.

Her father weighed in at more than 280 pounds. He was 6’5”, solidly built, and heavy. She didn’t anticipate just how much physical support he was going to require, even to do the most basic of activities throughout the day.

Before long, Sarah was going home with a sore back, aches in every joint, and it wasn’t getting better. She had difficulty getting up in the morning without soreness in her joints, her muscles screaming, and her body aching for just a bit more sleep.

She also didn’t realize that she wasn’t properly lifting and that was exposing her to even more significant physical health issues. Her lower back became strained and when it finally ‘popped’ she couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough.

Helping a senior in the family can be a wonderful gesture, and even though he or she might not be overweight, improper positioning and lifting can lead to serious health issues for the person supporting them.

It can also pose a safety hazard to the senior.

What Sarah didn’t realize when she began supporting her father was that if and when she was injured herself, she was going to be putting him at an increased and unnecessary risk. She found that out the hard way.

Even though she had been to the doctor, was taking some muscle relaxers and pain medications to manage the aches in her body, she continued to try and help her father as best she could. One day while assisting him into bed, her body simply gave out, she tumbled to the floor, and he fell after her.

His injuries were significant. Both Sarah and her father learned a valuable lesson: that sometimes it’s simply better to rely on experienced home care to be safer in the long run.

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