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Hiring a Home Care Agency Is the Right Choice, Even if a Senior Only Needs Help for a Few Hours a Couple of Days a Week

Janet was 72, widowed, and living alone. She had been living alone for more than three years and while the transition was difficult (she and her husband had been married for almost 50 years when he passed), she was adamant about being as independent as she could be. However, she noticed how difficult things were due to her own health limitations. She didn’t really want to lean on family or friends and be a ‘burden’ to them, and a friend of hers mentioned home care support services.

Home Care for Seniors in Grand Rapids MI: Part Time Help

Home Care for Seniors in Grand Rapids MI: Part Time Help

She looked into hiring a home care aide.

Janet wasn’t quite sure what to expect. She had a lot of misconceptions and preconceived notions about what home care can offer, especially through an agency. She absolutely had no need for somebody to be stopping by eight hours a day, five days a week. To her, that would be an awful waste of money.

There were other things she would prefer to spend her money on than paying a caregiver to sit around and wait to be needed. Still, she took her friend’s advice and contacted an agency in the area.

She was surprised to learn about their flexibility.

One of the first things she realized was that a home care aide could be hired for just a couple of hours once or twice a week to start. If that’s all she ever needed, that was more than fine. She had to ask the question twice, “Are you sure I don’t need to have somebody here for 40 hours a week?”

The agency administrator assured her that, no, there was no need for that. She was pleasantly surprised.

She decided to try a particular aide with whom she had a lot in common. The woman was 53, not that much younger than her (she liked to think), but she seemed kindhearted. Janet started working with this individual on a Monday morning. This home care aide assisted her getting ready for the day, getting some laundry going, and preparing a few meals for the week.

After the second week of this, Janet realized how cost-effective and beneficial it was to rely on this aide when she needed help. So, she expanded the hours to three days a week, twice in the morning and once in the evening. Fortunately, it was the same caregiver providing these supports, but Janet was certain she would have been comfortable with others, too.

This is one of the main reasons why hiring through a home care agency is a wonderful choice for seniors and disabled adults who need a little help, but not necessarily full-time or around-the-clock care.

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