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Home Care Is a Great Option for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia can affect people of many different age groups, but there is a greater risk as people get older. When a person has been diagnosed with any form of dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, at first it may seem practical that a spouse or other family member can be their primary caregiver, looking after them as the disease progresses, but home care is one of the best options to consider.

Alzheimers Care: Home Care for Seniors with Dementia

Alzheimers Care: Home Care for Seniors with Dementia

Why is this?

One of the primary reasons people are encouraged to look into home care as a support for somebody diagnosed with dementia is because of experience. Most family members who might take it upon themselves to provide support for this loved one have no direct experience with any form of dementia. They don’t know anything about it.

Even those who may have had some experience with a parent or grandparent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia can be limited in exactly what they know about it or the direct care they offered when that happened.

Experience can be one of the most important components of quality care.

An experienced home care aide, for example, will often encourage their elderly clients with Alzheimer’s to develop a routine. While this may not seem important at the moment, the longer a person is doing the same routine, the more likely it becomes habit. When somebody has a habit, they have a tendency to do those things over and over, to the point of doing them without even thinking.

How could this be beneficial?

As the disease progresses and steals away more and more memory, it can cause a great deal of confusion and anxiety. When a senior doesn’t recognize their surroundings, the people with them, or can’t quite grasp onto some memory, even what they were just doing, it can cause frustration, confusion, anger, and anxiety.

That can lead to a variety of aggressive behaviors, most notably physical and verbal aggression. If there was a routine that had been developed with this individual and they were guided to start doing that routine, it could offer comfort and provide a way to short-circuit the aggressive tendencies.

There are many other reasons why an experienced home care aide would be beneficial, and for those who have a loved one recently diagnosed with dementia, even though it seems they only need a little bit of help right now, a few reminders, the sooner that senior starts working with a home care aide or other support individual, the more likely he or she will become comfortable with them, which can be incredibly important in the future.

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

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