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How Can Someone Tell It’s Time to Hire Home Care?

Figuring out when it’s time to do certain things is not always easy for people to understand. As people age, realizing and accepting the changes in their physical capabilities can take a long time. Think about it this way: there are likely things you can no longer do as easily or as safely as you could when you were a teenager or twenty-something.

Home Care for Seniors in Des Plaines IL: How to Tell if It's Time for Home Care

Home Care for Seniors in Des Plaines IL: How to Tell if It’s Time for Home Care

You may not always feel different, but the body never lies.

So how can somebody tell that it’s time to hire a home care aide or other support option? There are plenty of signs that can indicate it’s time to rely on outside help. Some people turn to family and friends or even a neighbor every once in a while, but that’s often a good indicator already that home care is an option to consider now.

Let’s talk about a few of the signs to keep in mind.

Potential Sign #1: Calling on friends and family.

When a person is advancing in years and starts calling on an adult child, their spouse, a friend, or even their next-door neighbor to help them get something from the basement, take the garbage out, clean out the gutters, or do something else around the house they used to do on their own, it’s a clear sign that they are slowing down.

When a person begins ‘slowing down’ in that sense, they are not as safe doing things on their own as they once were. This is a good indicator it’s time to begin looking at various home care options.

Potential Sign #2: The senior doesn’t feel safe.

When a person is unsteady on their feet, but they have to get something down from a cabinet or change a lightbulb in the ceiling, what do they do? If they push forward, they are likely putting themselves at a serious risk of falling and being injured.

If the elderly person does not feel safe doing certain things around the house, they could certainly ask for help, but it may be time to hire a home care aide, even for a couple of hours once a week, and save those tasks for when somebody is there to assist. This doesn’t mean the home care aide will be doing all those things for the senior, but having somebody there to help out can keep them safe.

Potential Sign #3: They can no longer do everything they need to alone.

Most people have a tendency to do things on their own without help. When there are certain tasks they can no longer do without help, they could be placing an undue burden on their family and friends without realizing it. If they can’t do these things alone any longer, it’s time to begin thinking about home care aides and these options that can reduce the pressure they place on their friends and family.

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