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How Much Could Vision-Related Problems Impact Recovery Following a Hospital Stay?

Ethel had been hospitalized following a minor stroke. To the relief of her and her family, the doctor expected she could make a full recovery, so long as she participated in physical therapy, took her prescription medications as directed, and exercised.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Cherry Hill NJ: Vision Problems

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Cherry Hill NJ: Vision Problems

She was dealing with some vision related problems, too.

She had been diagnosed with glaucoma just prior to the stroke. She hadn’t been to her eye care professional yet, so she wasn’t completely certain how this vision related problem was going to impact her recovery.

She decided to discuss this with her doctor before discharge.

Her doctor had been diligent in going over every possible detail she would need to know to improve the chances of recovery. The last thing her doctor wanted was for her to be readmitted. While the doctor wasn’t primarily concerned with hospital readmissions and the fines the federal government is imposing on these institutions for failing to reduce those rates, he was concerned about her safety.

When she mentioned the glaucoma, he recommended she make an appointment to have the surgery as soon as possible. He also suggested she hire a professional and experienced home care aide to support her for the first several weeks or couple of months while she went through recovery.

“Why?” She asked him.

His answer was quite simple and one she would remember for a long time. “It’s wonderful to have family,” the doctor said, “but if you’re struggling with any other health issues on top of these, it will only complicate recovery. Experienced home care aides have likely gone through this with other clients numerous times. They will understand the best steps to help you with this recovery, often things family can easily overlook.”

She took that advice to heart and once she was discharged, made sure to hire a home care agency to provide support and with the help of that new aide, she made an appointment with her eye doctor for surgery.

She was amazed at how comfortable she was with that aide, somebody she had never met prior to relying on those services. Her family and friends stopped by frequently to help her and check in on her, but her home care aide became one of her closest companions during recovery.

She realized quickly if she didn’t have that consistent and almost around-the-clock support, she would’ve struggled with recovery because of the challenges in her life. She was grateful for the advice and the assistance of that aide.

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