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Is Quality of Life Truly Being Improved for an Aging Parent? If Not, Consider Home Care Options

Cheryl has sacrificed so much of her time and life to taking care of her mother, and even though she has focused on safety as one of her top concerns, the tension in their relationship has continued to mount. It has reached a point when Cheryl wanted to give up, screamed in frustration when she slipped behind the wheel of her car to go home, completely exhausted and struggling to keep her eyes open in the dark of night.

Home Care for Seniors in Gilbert AZ: Quality of Life

Home Care for Seniors in Gilbert AZ: Quality of Life

She never imagined she’d become a family caregiver, but what other option was there? Her mother needed help, she lived in the same town, it wasn’t like she had a career; just a job to pay the bills. Why couldn’t she give it up to take care of her mother?

She didn’t give up that job.

Cheryl continued to work, which was adding another component to the stress in her life. She didn’t want her friends or other family members to confuse this frustration with regret; she was appreciative of the opportunity to be there for her mother, but she had questions about quality of life… for both of them.

Every day seemed like a fight. She kept telling her mother what not to do, what to avoid, and to focus on safety and it continually led to friction in the relationship. Her mother kept talking about activities Cheryl believed were simply too dangerous to even consider at her age and in her physical condition.

One afternoon a coworker made a comment that stuck.

He said, “Is your mother able to maximize her quality of life?” Cheryl didn’t respond right away but grew pensive. That coworker added, “Are you?”

That was when she decided to look into other options. She wanted to help her mother as much as she could, but she wanted both her and her mother to enjoy their lives again. It had been so long since Cheryl spent quality time with friends, her husband, or doing the hobbies and recreational activities she once enjoyed.

She looked into home care as a viable option and discovered that through an agency her mother could enjoy qualified, experienced care at various times throughout the day. Cheryl could instead stop by and spend quality time with her mother, have a conversation, and hear all the juicy details about the various activities her mother enjoyed that she couldn’t bring herself to help with because of that fear of her mother getting hurt.

Together they found a great agency and quality of life for both Cheryl and her mother dramatically improved.

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