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Just Because the Caregiving Has Ended Doesn’t Mean Stress Is Over

Caregiver Stress in Jacksonville FL: Just Because the Caregiving Has Ended Doesn’t Mean Stress Is Over

Caregiver Stress in Jacksonville FL: Just Because the Caregiving Has Ended Doesn’t Mean Stress Is Over

Life is challenging. Just about everywhere you turn is another challenge. It could be a teenager who is rebelling and fighting for independence. It could be a financial stress, like losing a job and suddenly finding yourself falling behind on your mortgage or rent payments. It could be health issues in the family. There are so many circumstances that can cause stress that your own health will be impacted by it. This can include when you decide to take care of an aging or disabled family member.

Whether you spend weeks, months, or years as a caregiver, you will undergo a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Just because you have a close personal relationship with this individual doesn’t mean you will be immune to stress.

When you are no longer needed, does that mean the stress ends?

Perhaps you are taking care of an elderly grandparents. He or she passed away. The years spent taking care of him or her caused a tremendous amount of stress in your life, affecting your career, relationships, and health. Now that you are no longer required to stop by and support this individual day after day, it could, initially, feel like a breath of fresh air.

Yet, within a matter of days you could still struggle.

Whether this person who relied on you is no longer around or is back to being able to care for themselves, you might have a difficult time returning to life as normal. Your routine has changed. The longer you were taking care of this person, the more it impacted your life, even if you didn’t notice it at the time.

It’s time to talk about your feelings.

Not everyone has an easy time discussing their emotions, their feelings, their stresses or anxieties. Some actually struggle with these components of life. However, right now is the ideal time to sit down and talk with others, family, friends, or even a support group about what you’re dealing with right now.

Stress isn’t just going to slip away because you are no longer needed as a caregiver. You might have trouble sleeping at night. If this person is still around, you might worry about them, even though they are fully capable of taking care of themselves now and moving forward. You might miss the conversations, the interactions, and the sense of being needed.

All of those things can cause extra stress, even if we don’t realize it at the moment. When the caregiving is over, getting back into life, pursuing hobbies, exercising, and spending more quality time with friends and loved ones is an important part of the process. For those who continue to struggle, reaching out to other caregivers who have gone through the same things can be a great way to get back into life.