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Learning How to Let Go When You’ve Been a Family Caregiver for So Long

One of the most difficult things for some people to do is let go. Parents often have a difficult time saying goodbye to their children at they head of the college or move out to begin a career, live with friends, or even get married. If you’ve been taking care of an aging parent, such as your mother, you likely fell into a routine and now that has become part of your life.

Caregiver Stress in Daphne AL: Learning to Let Go

Caregiver Stress in Daphne AL: Learning to Let Go

This has likely become a frustrating challenge for you both.

However, it may have drawn you two together. Even if you bicker and argue, get on each other’s nerves, you still love one another. Becoming a primary family caregiver can negatively impact the relationship, but the longer you do this, the more likely it becomes a part of your life.

At some point you may realize you can’t keep going on at this pace.

Perhaps you have a full-time job. Maybe you’ve given up exercise, certain hobbies, or other activities that were important to you. When you give up too much to take on this all-important role, your life may begin to push back.

Hiring home care support is one of the best options available.

Make no mistake about it, an experienced home care agency can provide valuable resources, support, and flexibility. Your mother can rely on a dedicated home care aide for as little as two hours a day, maybe even for just one or two days a week or full-time and even around-the-clock live-in care. It all depends on her specific needs, really.

If you’ve brought up this topic and your mother seems receptive to the idea, especially recognizing the stress you’re dealing with as a caregiver or the impact it’s having on your relationship together, you may have initially felt relief, but are now struggling to let go.

How can you learn to let go?

You don’t have to completely cut off your work as a caregiver when you hire a home care aide. Even if you hire someone for full-time or live-in care, you can still stop by and visit with your mother. You can still help her prepare a meal.

Just start getting back into your life, too.

Go to the gym and exercise. Call friends or family you haven’t seen in a long time and schedule a luncheon or dinner date. Go to a movie. Read a book. Take a nice, long, hot bath. Whatever you enjoy doing, begin doing these things again, even if it’s for a brief amount of time every day.

You will learn to relax again. And you will learn that this is the best thing for everyone.

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