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Looking Ahead: How Planning for Spring Can Boost Spirits

Home Care for Seniors in Oak Park IL

As we move through winter, the season can seem to drag on. All you want is for the snow, freezing temperatures, ice, and all of that other winter ‘yuckiness’ to end. You’re looking toward spring, the warmer weather, the leaves coming out on the trees once again and the flowers beginning to emerge from the ground. For somebody who might require assistance at home, such as an elderly individual, looking toward spring can offer the kind of emotional boost and encouragement they need to stay positive.

How planning for spring can boost emotional spirits.

Home Care for Seniors in Oak Park ILIf an elderly person requires home care support services, it usually means they are having difficulty taking care of themselves in a safe and healthy manner. It means they have to rely on others for their own basic care.

That means they might not drive, have a tendency to remain home more often, not visit many family or friends too often, and will probably feel cooped up, especially during the winter. During those winter months, the windows and doors are probably sealed shut to protect against the cold. There’s no fresh air, you can’t hear the birds chirping, and everything seems to be on hold.

Waking up to that kind of environment day after day after day can lead to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, frustration, and other emotional challenges. Going through the same routine all the time, doing a puzzle, watching TV, and waiting for each day to come to an end, can be frustrating.

Having something to look forward to, something to plan for, can boost spirits.

If the senior enjoys being outside during spring and summer months, possibly gardening or going for walks, that can offer them a great emotional boost. During the winter, though, planning for those things can have a similar emotional benefit.

Imagine what you felt like the last time you looked forward to a trip, such as a vacation over summer. Maybe it’s been a long time, but you couldn’t wait for that date to arrive.

You marked it on your calendar, checked it every few days, and maybe even counted down the last 10 or so days until the trip. It was exciting. You were thinking about what you would do on that vacation, what experiences you would enjoy. Your mind was no longer stuck in your normal routine.

That’s what planning for spring can offer some seniors, especially those who require extra care at home. Now is a good time to sit down and begin making plans for the spring months ahead.

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