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An Occupational Therapist May Be Beneficial to Help Dad Recover from His Heart Attack

Your father had a heart attack recently. He may very well still be in the hospital recovering. Eventually, though, he will be discharged and sent home. That can be a great relief for you and the rest of your family, but when he is discharged he will need to focus on his recovery.

The last thing anyone wants is for him to be readmitted.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Evanston IL: Occupational Therapists

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Evanston IL: Occupational Therapists

Technically, a hospital readmission is defined as any time a person needs to be readmitted within 30 days of their discharge. However, even if your father has to be readmitted 40 days after his discharge, that’s not an issue he or anyone in your family wants to deal with. Whether the heart attack was considered relatively mild or severe, if the doctor is optimistic about his chances of recovery, he may have to exercise, rely on a visiting nurse, go to follow up appointments, and more.

One thing he may need is an occupational therapist.

An OT, or occupational therapist, can help your father work on his fine motor skills. A physical therapist may be needed to help your father work through certain exercises to regain mobility, balance, and strengthen his legs, depending on the severity of a heart attack and how long he was in the hospital, as he may have trouble performing some of the most basic tasks of everyday life.

His manual manipulation may be affected by this situation. He might have trouble grasping onto certain items, especially if he is or has been dealing with arthritis or other physical conditions. An OT would work with your father on re-learning certain tasks or finding new ways to do things that fit into this new reality in life.

Some people refuse these services.

Your father might not be inclined to rely on a visiting nurse, home care aide, physical therapist, or occupational therapist. He might not see the value in it. He may see it as an unnecessary expense.

What you need to do is help him realize that following through with the instructions he was provided by his doctor upon discharge will help him not only avoid a return trip to the hospital before long, but also maximize his chances of making a healthy recovery. That can help him get back to some of the things he enjoys in life.

Sometimes, seeing the forest for the trees is not always easy, but when you get him thinking about what he’d like to do once again, he may be more inclined to follow those doctor’s instructions.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to reduce hospital readmission rates in Evanston, IL, contact the caring staff at Companion Services of America today at (847) 943-3786. Our home care service area includes Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glenview, Buffalo Grove, Evanston, Des Plaines, Skokie, Lake Forest, Wilmette and the surrounding areas.