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Once You’ve Gone Home After Helping Dad, Is He Set? Or Could He Be at Risk of a Hospital Readmission?

It’s a wonderful thing when a family member who has been hospitalized is about to be discharged. Perhaps this was your elderly father. He may have been hospitalized following a heart attack, stroke, injuries from a slip and fall accident, or possibly even major surgery.

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Hillsborough CA: Help at Home

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Hillsborough CA: Help at Home

Whatever the case, you want him to recover, and recover well. It may take some time, but what he will most certainly need is support.

You plan on being his primary caregiver.

You intend to care of him, at least for the first several weeks or couple of months until he gets back on his feet. This might seem like a reasonable option, especially given that you live in the same town and have the time to devote (at least before and/or after work).

Many family caregivers are adult children in their 40s. The average family caregiver in the United States is about 48, female, and dealing with a number of pressures in their life (Forbes). The average family caregiver will have tremendous pressure on their life before they even take on this important job.

You probably won’t be spending every waking moment with your elderly father, and in most cases these individuals have other responsibilities, like raising children or working at a job or multiple jobs. They simply don’t have the time to devote to their elderly mother or father, for example, like they would prefer.

What happens when you head home or to work?

Is your father going to have the right level of support? Or will he be alone for most hours during the day and overnight? If he’s going to be spending the vast majority of his time alone, that could be problematic.

He could be struggling to take care of things around the house on his own. This could cause his safety to be compromised. It could also put him in certain precarious situations that land him right back in the hospital.

How can you make a difference?

The best thing is to hire home care support. A home care agency can provide qualified and experienced caregivers to help your father during this recovery process. They can offer physical assistance, companionship, reminders, and possibly even transportation services to get him to follow-up appointments or physical therapy.

If you’re concerned about your father when you go home or head off to work, he doesn’t have to spend his days alone. Sit down and talk about home care and how qualified and experienced support can help reduce the risk of hospital readmissions.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering home care to reduce hospital readmission rates in Hillsborough, CA, call the caring staff at Aviva In-Home Care. Call today: (415) 795-2203

Evan Loevner

Evan Loevner, CEO of Aviva In-Home Care, is a former hospital administrator with Masters-level training in both business and healthcare service management. He launched Aviva with the goal of having a more focused, direct impact on the delivery of care than he could ever accomplish within a hospital setting. For Evan the joy of running an organization like Aviva In-Home Care is having the ability to positively improve the lives of individuals needing customized care. As a passionate San Francisco resident, Evan knows that many local seniors, and younger adults managing chronic disabilities or chronic disease, can benefit from new approaches to in-home care, ones that will bring them more connection to the community, and throughout the care planning process, a key component of the concept of "family-centered care," which has been adopted by top medical center. A strong communication loop between family, the caregiver, Aviva management, and community healthcare practitioners is essential for ensuring that all the needs of the client are met.