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Three Ways Home Care Will Help a Senior Diagnosed with Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia is going to be life-changing. In many cases these seniors will already have some idea that something wasn’t quite right. With Alzheimer’s, for example, some of the earliest symptoms involve memory loss that starts to impact daily life. Too often, though, people diagnosed with any form of dementia may not consider home care support services right away.

Home Care for Seniors in San Mateo CA: How Home Care Benefits Seniors with Dementia

Home Care for Seniors in San Mateo CA: How Home Care Benefits Seniors with Dementia

However, home care options can be incredibly beneficial started early.

There is research indicating mental stimulation early in the disease’s progression could help to delay the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss in the years ahead (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation).

For those who understand the importance of being proactive, especially when it comes to dementia (which includes Alzheimer’s) hiring a home care aide with experience could be one of the best steps to take.

There are numerous ways home care may help people with dementia and below we list three.

1. Knowing what to expect.

An experienced home care aide who has worked with other seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia will have an expectation of the very signs and symptoms of the disease. They will fully understand that this client will be able to perform many basic tasks of everyday life on their own, perhaps only requiring some minimal reminders.

They will also understand what’s coming next. Many families are surprised by the physical and verbal aggression from their loved one as the disease affects the brain. An experienced aide won’t be surprised by this.

2. They will have emotional detachment.

Yes, compassionate and caring home care aides will develop some emotional connection with their clients the longer they work with them, but they don’t have the same emotional attachment as family.

This emotional detachment will be important as the disease progresses and potentially results in some type of aggressive behavior, which could include insults being thrown at the primary caregiver who may be an adult child, spouse, or other family member.

3. Experienced aides will often develop a long-term plan.

Dementia is not a short-term disease. It is terminal. Having a long-term plan in place will not only provide comfort for the senior, it will also offer family and friends a sense of expectation.

Many seniors prefer to remain home, if possible. With quality home care support started as early as possible, that can happen. By discussing home care support services and hiring an experienced caregiver as early as possible, seniors diagnosed with dementia will have an opportunity to remain home, where they are most comfortable.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering home care for seniors in San Mateo, CA, call the caring staff at Aviva In-Home Care. Call today: (415) 795-2203

Evan Loevner

Evan Loevner, CEO of Aviva In-Home Care, is a former hospital administrator with Masters-level training in both business and healthcare service management. He launched Aviva with the goal of having a more focused, direct impact on the delivery of care than he could ever accomplish within a hospital setting. For Evan the joy of running an organization like Aviva In-Home Care is having the ability to positively improve the lives of individuals needing customized care. As a passionate San Francisco resident, Evan knows that many local seniors, and younger adults managing chronic disabilities or chronic disease, can benefit from new approaches to in-home care, ones that will bring them more connection to the community, and throughout the care planning process, a key component of the concept of "family-centered care," which has been adopted by top medical center. A strong communication loop between family, the caregiver, Aviva management, and community healthcare practitioners is essential for ensuring that all the needs of the client are met.