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What Happens If a Veteran’s Circumstances Change AFTER He Applies for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

Filling out and submitting the Aid and Attendance pension application can be a bit of a struggle for some veterans. There are many questions, including about their income and assets.

Even though a primary residence and other assets that cannot be quickly converted and cash may not be used in the income and asset threshold calculation, those types of questions can be a bit disconcerting and confusing.

Another commonly confusing issue for aging veterans when they are submitting an application for Aid and Attendance benefits involves changes in circumstances or dependents.

Care for Aging Veterans in Hoover AL: When Circumstances Change

Care for Aging Veterans in Hoover AL: When Circumstances Change

Explaining what this means.

For example, if an aging veteran requires assistance at home to stay safe and has been relying on his spouse for some time, he may have heard about Aid and Attendance benefits and filled out and submitted an application recently.

If his spouse suddenly falls ill, slips and falls and is injured, or is otherwise no longer capable of taking care of herself, let alone him, she might be eligible for some financial asset through the Aid and Attendance pension to pay for home care services for her, too. In such a case, that veteran would need to resubmit a new application for Aid and Attendance benefits.

Also, as an example, if a veteran and his spouse required home care services and submitted an application for help through this pension, and if the spouse passed away before the application was reviewed and approved, then that veteran would need to start over and resubmit with these changes of circumstances included.

A frustrating, but necessary process.

It has frustrated a number of veterans through the years, but this process is essentially built into the system. If there is any change in circumstances for the veteran and/or his or her dependents that alters the nature of Aid and Attendance benefits and home care services they might receive, then it is likely necessary to fill out a new application and submit it for approval.

What about in the meantime?

If a veteran is confident he or she will be approved for Aid and Attendance benefits, the VA does offer reimbursements for services provided while the application was pending. That’s why it’s important to submit the application as soon as possible so the veteran might begin receiving home care support through an agency.

If there are any significant changes, the veteran should not be encouraged to simply ignore them but rather be forthright, fill out a new application, and resubmit as soon as possible.

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