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When Dad Refuses to Spend a Dime on Home Improvements for Safety, What Can You Do?

You’ve known your father your whole life. In all that time he has been consistent. That consistency is in being frugal. He never spent any money on unnecessary items and while that may have been frustrating for you growing up, he doesn’t lack for anything now.

Senior Home Safety in Lawrenceville GA: When Dad Won't Pay for Home Improvements

Senior Home Safety in Lawrenceville GA: When Dad Won’t Pay for Home Improvements

Yet, his safety is an issue.

As seniors get older, safety will become a greater issue. Even though your father may be active, engaged in physical activities, playing tennis all the time, going to a local fitness center to work out, using a stationary bike regularly, or even plays racquetball, he is getting weaker with time. There’s no way to stop that, especially as he moves through his 70s and approaches 80.

Because of this diminishing strength, his safety will become compromised.

There may come a time when he slips getting into and out of the shower, for example. Hopefully he can maintain his balance and avoid significant injuries that often result from a fall of this nature. Yet, grab bars could be a key in helping him remain safe.

What can grab bars offer?

A towel bar is generally affixed to the tub surround or wallboard with small screws. They are only designed to hold the weight of a washcloth or towel. They will not hold up a person if they completely lose their balance and are falling.

Grab bars look similar, but they are anchored into the wall studs instead. This allows them to hold the weight of a full-grown adult. If your father slips while stepping into or out of the shower, he can hold onto one of these bars and maintain his balance.

If he isn’t willing to spend the money, what can you do?

Some adult children will pay for these items themselves, but if you don’t have the financial resources to make that feasible, what options do you have?

One of the most important things is to have your father admit to his own diminishing abilities. If you have noticed specific instances where his safety could be an issue, he has most likely experienced some ‘close calls’ or scares.

Talk to him about these observations.

Even though he may be defensive at first, he will likely admit to his own concerns and that’s where you can talk about the importance of safety modifications. You may even be able to discuss the prospect of hiring a home care aide to help him with other Activities of Daily Living with which he may already be struggling.

He already knows he can’t take his money with him, and getting your approval and go-ahead to invest in safety may be just what he needs right now.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring home care to improve senior home safety in Lawrenceville, GA, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers, call (678) 430-8511.